Giving Back

Giving Back and having fun at the same time.

Have a houseful of painted furniture and are looking for any reason to paint another piece. I have a great idea for you Cottage Paint addicts. “Give Back” and Paint for those who are less fortunate and have fun at the same time.
I have connected with a great organization called the Furniture Bank who redistributes donated furniture to those in need. The person or family gets registered through a qualified organization such as the “Women’s Shelter” or Refugees immigrating to Canada. These are people that have little or nothing to furnish a home. Once registered they make an appointment and get to wander though the furniture warehouse with a volunteer and pick out furnishing for each room in their home .

I know ….I know isn’t it wonderful.
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

When I visited their facility I saw a number of ways that I could “Give Back” to others and do what I loved to do at the same time. They took me to an area that had a number of dated and or damaged furniture that was not moving. I proposed to them that I could take away a few challenged pieces and work my magic with the Cottage Paint Products. They happily accepted my offer and after a few weeks I completed the following three pieces.

Giving Back


Giving Back2


Cottage Paint‐ Khaki and Serenity Black. Fabric coated top using Cottage Paint Fabric Adhesive and Satin Wax plus a Texture Paste stencil added to the top drawer front.

Giving Back3

Almost forgotten Before Photo

Giving Back4

Oh so pretty!

Cottage Paint‐ Beechwood and Urban Paint Liquid Metal ‐Titanium

Giving Back5


Giving Back6